Friday, 27 April 2012

1942 EL Bobber

The new project. Picked this beauty up from Thamesport in Kent a few days ago after shipping it from the US. Lots of work to do here, all of the internals from the engine and transmission are in boxes, at least I hope its all there!

 This bike is mainly a Knuckle, the frame and cases and probably the forks (not sure) are from a 1942 EL Knuckle, the wheels and hubs have been rebuild and powder coated but they

look OEM too,  the barrels and top end are all Pan. Tanks look to be Early shovel too. The tyres are, Goodyear Speed Grips, they don't look like repos, if they are vintage....COOL AS FUCK.

 The guy i bought it from had it standing for 7 years and wasn't sure what came from where.

Got to put her on the back burner for a while as I have to finish The Meat and a little Shovel bobber thats nearly ready to go too. Check back soon to see both bikes.

 I also got a 1969 generator Shovel FLH with Pan heads on thats up FOR SALE if anybody is interested. Its in original trim and should go on ebay soonish.

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