Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Meat

The Meat, finished at last. Called it The Meat because as it was being built and I kept craming everything into the middle of the frame i.e. motor, gear box, starter, oil tank, battery, oil filter, exhaust..... I just kept saying to myself, "it just looks so meaty" and it just kinda stuck. All that metal, looking almost forced, into such a small space, took some acrobatical arranging and rearranging and head scratching and swearing and even throwing the odd chunk of metal or tool or whatever was in my hands around the workshop, gggggrrrrr. I like to think a bit of that anger has rubbed of and become integral in the bike, and I think it might have, because The Meat has been setting of car alarms, bursting small children's ear drums and generally distressing the general public where ever it goes, but hey thats just the spiritual hippy caring side of me, so take no notice. Right, on to the next one.... EL Bobber.

Everything is hand made by close friends or myself, including; frame, tank, oil tank, 
floor boards and foot controls, exhaust, seat, clutch master cylinder, ect ect....... Thanks to Simon, Barado and Toby.

1 comment:

  1. Looks great.
    Especially the exhaust!
    I'm liking the blog too...