Tuesday 4 September 2012

Toby's Sportster Bobber

Toby's ever evolving sportster. I've seen this bike in many, many forms. He can't leave it alone, I've seen it with a swing arm, I've seen it with struts,  I've seen it with a softail frame and I've seen it with a hardtail. Its had about 6 different front wheels and a few back ones. In fact I think Toby has Chopper Attention Deficit Disorder, thats CADD for short. 
Anyway check the photos and you'll see that there's more attention deficit to detail on this bike than most builds, when the rest have us have said that'll do, Toby is in the garage making his finger nails bleed and beg for mercy. For example check the motor, all smoothed and rounded, they don't come from the factory like that you know.


  1. Wow!! Awesome bike. Do you know what frame he using?

  2. Он просто превосходен! Я попробую сделать что то похожее, но немного с другой изюминкой.
    С меня фото

  3. How did u establish so much rake in front end