Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Breaker SOLD SOLD


One of mine. Just pulled her out of the workshop after being ignored for nearly a year.This bitch is what they call fully loaded. I'm not going into details but I'll list a few names.....Revtech, Baker, PM, American Suspension, Exile, Weld Racing, Oil in frame.... Bla bla bla......   Just check the photos. 


I've heard people say that you need to be righteous or a real man to ride a proper hardtail, well I recon that all you really need, is to be a FOOL! I've been kicked in the back by this Bitch a few good times and I can tell you I don't feel very righteous when she does it. 

Oh and by the way she's FOR SALE, drop me a comment if your interested. Click the link below for specks.

Brightonworks frame and tank, oil in frame
American Suspention front end 3deg in yokes
Weld Racing wheels, 18 x 10.5 and 21 x 2.15
Revteck 110 motor
Baker 6 speed RSD box
Baker primary
Baker Clutch
Baker Firestarter
Exile sprotor
Weld Racing front disc, matches wheels
PM front caliper
PM master cylinders
PM grips
One off leather seat
Wiring threw frame
And lots more......

£14500 offers or trades considered. Advertised on Ebay now!


  1. Truuuuuuly spectaculaaaarrr ! ! Apart from 14 bg ones which I don't have I'd love to own a scoot such as this. Love it, love it, love it .

  2. nice ride mate. Would certainly turn a few heads... What's your best price on it?

    1. Make me an offer and we'll see. Turns too many heads, takes 10 minutes of chatting when you leave anywhere. Thanks.

  3. awesome, looks a bit of a brute really, and must be louder than lancaster bomber. u do test rides !!!!!!

    1. Certainly do but you have to be naked and drop some acid to get the real feel of her!