Thursday, 17 May 2012

The GrassHopper

Feeling Insane?

Sick Derake Chopper. Very mmm... yes indeed, indeed. Not to everyones tastes and better for it. After all if its too nice and too conventional its boring. On the other hand if its really really boring it might become ace, if you get my drift, or maybe not? Yes yes, I am right, I think, I mean take a look at a 2CV6, its so ugly and boring and tame its beyond boring and its become Cool, I know I had one, I mean it wasn't mine really, no really, it was my girlfriends, honest, no really. 

1967 FLH Motor, Box and reg. 18 and 21 wheels, original generator motor rebuilt with lots of S&S parts, one off extra cool mids, silly tank and bars, some nice rust and to top it all you can't see over the bars, and I'm 6.1". How foolish!

Buddha says, "Whats that crazy shit doin in my garden, Fool." or was that Mr T.

 See ya.

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