Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tea Party in the Rain.

We went camping at the weekend to the Tea Party. A nice local friendly do. A bit of rain and a dicky battery couldn't spoil the fun. And there where bikes, and beer, and beards, and tattoos and plenty of them too.

Toby bought a great new pop up tent that takes about 2 seconds to erect, trouble was though, it turned out to be a kids tent and he had to sleep in a foetal (for Jonno) position or with his feet sticking out....he he he. Oh, and it let in the rain too..... he he, and he got up and went home at 4 in the morning..... he he he... I mean oohhh what a shame, poor boy.

I feel great, look at me everybody!

Wheres my tent, have you bastards nicked it? Your'll all a bunch of  f;@£*ing  c*^%8s.

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