Monday, 8 October 2012

Simmo's Exile

Simmo has wanted an Exile for a long time and now hes got one. Cool looking bike too. All Exile parts with a RevTech motor, box and primary. I told him he should scotch all those nasty shiny bits so it looks like a proper Exile but he says he likes the shiny bits, but then hey, he turned up to my wedding in a fucking pink dress! If he was a normal mate (I know normal people) I'd just have to say, "that shiny shits a bit gay" and hey presto but with Simmo he doesn't care, no ones going to tell him what to do, not even peer pressure and theres lots of that going round in our cliquey circle.  So I have no choice, i'll just have to scotch a square inch on one of those nice shiny rocker covers and then he'll just have to do the lot. ;-) 

Hey Simmo, 2 shakes of a cats tail and it could look like this and you even have that S&S shovel just collecting dust, well?

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