Wednesday, 27 June 2012


A great evening out at Cassington. Been going to Cassinton for over 20 years and its busier and as good as ever, there were about a million people there, well 5000 at least. Even the Ace Cafe had brought a pitch. Me and the lads turned up early and managed to park outside the The Plough, a prime position to show our wares, basically to show off like a bunch of Peacocks, well whats the point of building them if you can't, I would be riding a C70 if I was the last man on Earth, and wearing Y-fronts, and I probably wouldn't wash much either, might be a bit fat too, anyway. We covered at least 10 miles from Oxford and no one broke down or had to stop, Bonus! All in all a very nice evening for us gents, lets hope its as good next year, see you there.

English bikers are so handsome, don't you think, or are these people care in the community? 

Some of the lads.

My lad, hopefully not his future career! 

Itchy nuts eh Barney, you can hide nothing, even with that grin.

Famous at Last.

Can anyone tell me whats going on here then?
WLA UL? bottom end maybe, early Ducati
(wild guess) up top possibly and an early British
box, Triumph? The Holy Grail of bastardisation.
I'd like to see what the owner looks like. Let me know.

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