Monday, 1 October 2012

Madness and Mayhem at Mons Marqee Mash-up.

Try saying it repeatedly at speed. 

Monster mayhem at Mons, what a funking good night, old faces and new, took a few letters of the alphabet and of I flew. Its been a while since I wore a dancing girls bra with tassels on but hey it fitted right on and I swung those boobies all night long grooving on the dance floor as if I'd had that bra on just last week, and whats going on with the women these days, you get all girlied up and they just love it, I had at least 4 different women squeezing my boobs and I loved it but when I Squeezed their boobs, as you do, I just kinda got a slap. I'd take it as a complete complement if a girl came up to me and squeezes anything these days. Its just so confusing being a man in this day and age, I tell ya. You dress like a man and no girl bothers you much but get girlied up and thy're in your nickers like your hiding a Versace handbag down there, very confusing indeed. Anyhow check the photos and hey, my apologies for the lack of the 2 wheel action. Laters.

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