Saturday 2 June 2012

Bostin 70's Revival

I don't really want to publish other peoples photos, but when you come across something this incredible, insane, foolish, whatever you want to call it, I just had to!

This Shovel is just plain cool.

Been out for a test ride on The Meat, took Curley with me to pick up all the bits as they fell off, but amazingly nothing did, and even the brakes and clutch worked. Only trouble I've found is the battery hasn't got enough power to turn over the engine when its cold and I haven't left enough room for a bigger one. Whoops!

Oh and that exhaust is trying its hardest to burn a whole in my trousers.
I've got a mate who fabs exhausts for the motor racing world, he nocked this one up for me, out of Inconel.
Where does that exhaust think its going?

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